7 Facts Why Finland has Best Education System in The World?

7 Facts Why Finland has Best Education System in The World?

Back in the days Finland’s education system was sucked to a level just around the American’s. But in mid 20th century they tried new ideas and lifted them up to the top of the list. How did they make it happened? Here are few facts about finish education system.

1. No Homework 

Finnish students do not have work books or homework diaries as they do not have homework. On average a Finnish student spends 10 to 20 minutes a week for homework in week. The policy makers think that students should have enough time to relax and enjoy they childhood which is more important for their mental health rather than memorizing and copy pasting facts from prepared material.

2. Less Time at School

Finnish students do not spend maximum duration of the day like 6 or 8 hours a day at their schools. On average they have to spend 3-5 hours a day and about 20 hours a week in their schools. Their philosophy is simple that student should play games have physical exercise, spend time with their family and should not have a terrible experience with school boundaries. Not even shorter days at schools they also spend shorter academic years as compared to rest of the world.

3. Learning Multiple Languages

Among the Finnish students learning upto 2-3 or even more languages is very common. Thanks again to their education policies as they offer lot of opportunities to their students through exchange programs to visit multiples cultures and help them to develop their personal skills. Leaning Spanish, French, English, Swedish and German is most common.

4. No standardized Testing System

Finnish education system highly discourage multiple choice questions model of testing. They think that students do not have to choose among limited choices even with a chance of fortunate right choice. They prefer that students should have to know the exact information and have ability to write it. According to Finnish educationists when students have to prepare for a standardized testing, somehow they missed the real essence of learning.

5. Skills Based Education

Finnish teachers believe in learning skills. At school they teach their students about the skills they need in their lives. From using washrooms to sports, baking, music, art they teach anything which is related to mental growth of the children. The most common lie being told to the kids in schools around the globe that you can be what you want to be after study? But this statement is exactly true for students studying in Finland. Students in schools have access to the opportunities for learning about the skills related to their career dreams.

6. No Grading System

When I was researching about Finnish education system, I was shocked by knowing this fact that they do not even have a proper grading system in term of numbers. So the question arises, how they rank their schools? The answer to this question is very simple that in Finland their is no ranking of the schools and all the institutes are equal. Every school thinks that the school next to him is the best school in Finland.

7. No Private Schools

In Finland there is no private school system. Due to this all the kids of the country regardless of their family’s economic background have to study in public schools. Their is no discrimination of rich and poor and the students from slightly lower income families have an opportunity to study with the kids from businessman families which help them to nourish their vision.

Ali Raza Awan

Ali Raza Awan the founder/CEO of GYAAF.ORG is an educational activist from Independent State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). He has completed his graduation in zoology from University of Gujrat, Pakistan and Mphil in Forensic Sciences from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. Professionally he teaches biological sciences to college student.