Pakistan is one of the emerging countries of the decade in research and innovation. Along with excellent academic setup it is also contributing on research forum, considerably. As publication is considered as extract of all the adventurous journey of laboratory or analytical work. Pakistan has a huge number of national as well as International research journals with strict obedience of international publication ethics and standards.

Following is the list of all the different disciplines in which Pakistan has number of peer reviewed journals.

Science and Technology

Journals Related to agriculture including plant/animals breedings, farming and related agricultural disciplines.

Journals characterized by engineering technology related disciplines.

  • Health Sciences

Journal of pure medical sciences, which cover every section of related to human health.

One of the broadest discipline of scientific fields which includes biological sciences, mathematics,  statistics, geological and environmental sciences.

  • Multi-Disciplinary

Journals covering multiple disciplines from scientific fields.

Art, Humanities, Business and Social Sciences

  • Social Sciences​

Social science is one of the broadest discipline which encircles lot of subjects like Economics, political and behavioral sciences, archaeology, history, gender studies, heritage, religions and civilizations.

  • Arts & Humanities

Journals entitled to publish related to languages, literature, mass communications and others.

  •  Business Education

Journals related to Business studies.

  • Multi-Disciplinary

Journals covering multiple disciplines from non-scientific fields.

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has set SOPs for a research journal to continue its operations. In annual meetings every journal is reviewed for its quality, consistency and regularity. Any journal found inconsistent with required standards is recognized. On approval, every journal is awarded with a category from X to Z. List of all the HEC approved journals is published publicly on HEC website.

Along with HEC monitoring policies for research journal, these journals are also under evaluation by international research journal indexing organizations life ISI, DOAJ and Scopus etc.