Project is entitles to promote science culture with particular focus on applied scientific fields

This project is particular designed for the advancement of Forensic Science in community and accelerate the criminal justice system.

To assist students in their educational career including career choice and way toward their targeted fields.

This initiative was taken to provide students with funding and financial aid opportunities.

Every year GYAAF gives Young Researcher Award to appreciate the contribution of GYAAF members to the research domain in any field.

To enhance the personal skills, this project was launched to organize events for training in various academic fields.

Research plays vital role in any academic field. The project was executed especially for  promotion of research culture.

To evaluate society across various domains. GYAAF also conducts surveys and publish reports.

Project to aware the community about threatening like diseases, crimes and other wrong doings.

This project is to communicate the society about their social and civil rights also spreading awareness about ethics in different fields.