Types of Child Abuse

Types of Child Abuse

Child abuse is psychological, physical, sexual maltreatment or neglect of the child by caregiver or an unknown person. Child abuse can lead the victim to long lasting insecurity to intimacy issues. Depending upon severity it can also cause a person to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Along with Educational awareness our team also wants to take a stand and educate the public about the dangerous effects of this issue. Some information we are going to share might be triggering. So, we advise our readers to be careful. If you know any example of a child being abused, please contact law enforcement agencies.

There are six common types of child abuse ranging from psychological to physical abuses including sexual exploitation.

1. Name Calling

About name calling or verbal abuse, some people argue that words could never hurt them but in actual but can hurt often especially when you are young. Harsh words from a parents or guardian has greater ability to hurt. One study from Johnson, Cohen and other revealed that the verbal child abuse can increase the risk of victims developing personality disorders. Research by Teicher and colleagues also shows that negative words affects the development of brain. As a result verbal abuse can have serious effects on child’s physical development.

2. Shaming

Shaming is an abusive behavior parents can inflict on their child to gain control. It causes a victim to develop insecurity which parents can use to get what they want if they find that their child is disobeying them. With the passage of time, it causes a child to loose his/her trust in caretaker. As they grow up, they also become hesitant to develop social relationships with the people afraid that one day they will be betrayed of  hurt.

3. Helicopter Parenting

Parenting is important for proper grooming of the child but helicopter parenting is different from being pushy parents. Extreme helicopter parenting occurs when parents are so overbearing that children do not have any say in even a minor details. Parents do constantly check-ins to their child make it difficult for a child to learn healthy boundaries. Furthermore of the children are pushed too far physically or emotionally, they can develop physical or mental scars.

4. Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse however, explicit or implicit can cause long lasting harmful effects of child. The child can suffer post traumatic stress disorder or close them-self off completely afraid of getting in any relationships. This can cause them to fear intimacy. As a result its not just loneliness or alienation that they will experience growing up but they may never feel safe again because their caretaker took that away.

5. Neglect

Not providing a child with proper emotional or physical need can leads many problems down the road. The child may become socially, physically or emotionally underdeveloped. But the neglect of physical and security needs such as food and proper shelter. Depending upon the severity it can even results in immediate death.

6. Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is any harmful physical activity that cause a person to feel pain. Kicking, slapping, hitting, throwing, biting and choking are few of common methods. They child may develop cuts, scars, bruises, broken bones or even death depending upon how badly he was beaten.

Never allow someone to hit and excuse the action even they have apologized. Please call your emergency helpline before things get out of hands. Such topics are not easy to discuss but we request your to leave your valuable comments bellow to let us know about your opinions.

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Ali Raza Awan

Ali Raza Awan the founder/CEO of GYAAF.ORG is an educational activist from Independent State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). He has completed his graduation in zoology from University of Gujrat, Pakistan and Mphil in Forensic Sciences from University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore. Professionally he teaches biological sciences to college student.